Impact Week Albania: transforming dreamers into innovators to shape a positive future
"...we need positive energy, we need to bring the trust back, we need to use all of the potential of this region to help people create something here.” Find out how Mara and her team contributed to that mission in Albania, the nation of dreamers!
Bridging Cultures and Creating Impact: Reflections on Impact Week Uganda 2023
The last suitcases are packed, the post-its have been taken off the walls and every international participant has made it back home safely! What lasts is a mix of fond memories, and new ideas for everybody involved. Takeaways include (besides the souvenirs from some African craft stores) the relief of being out of Kampala traffic, a lasting taste of Matoke, and unforgettable cultural learnings. - What remains in Uganda’s capital Kampala is IMPACT! Read on to find out more about our impact

Design Thinking Impact Week Manila 2022: Unveiling the winning team's Journey
Today, we are thrilled to share an extraordinary experience that unfolded during our Design Thinking Impact Week, Manila 2022. Amongst the myriad of talented participants, one team stood out and conquered the challenges in a remarkable way. In conversation with the Junior Coach of the winning team of Impact Week Mr. Anantharaj Nagaraj.
Testimonials of Impact Week Philippines 2022
Find out, what some of our Senior Coaches, Junior Coaches and student participants have to share about the Impact Week Philippines 2022.

What begins here transforms the world
Discover the different phases of the Design Thinking process and how our track mentors have contributed to the process.
Ghana 2022: Meet the international coaching team
Recently, our international junior coaches had the chance to spend a day together in Frankfurt, both in-person and virtually. Throughout the day, our juniors learned all about the Impact Week and, most importantly, our mission: “We foster innovation & entrepreneurship as well as intercultural & intercompany exchange through design thinking.” In addition to this, and several team-bonding activities, we also had the chance to find out a little bit more about the country and city which...

The ladies of Impact Week Ghana
We’re happy to introduce the first ever all-female international orga team for Impact Week Ghana. Who are these women? How did they meet? How did Impact Week Ghana take off? Read on to find out more…
Impact Week Kenya 2022: Local expertise to tackle local challenges
This years’ Impact Week in Nairobi is the first international Impact Week initiated, organized and facilitated locally. This means that our team consists of an experienced local Lead Coach as well as 50% of local Senior Coaches and a local organizer! Building Design Thinking expertise and sparking local innovation is at the core of our approach. This is why we are particularly proud of this year's local team!

Akwaaba (welcome) to Ghana
After a 3-year break, Impact Week is finally returning to Accra. The city is not only the capital of Ghana, but also the administrative, economic, and educational centre of Ghana. Together with Heritage Christian College, we will welcome around 40 local and international professionals as Junior Coaches and approximately 125 local student participants. HCC is a young institute of higher learning, at the heart of which lies entrepreneurship, ethics and philanthropy and global competence.
Impact Week is back with on-site workshops
After two years of hosting online-workshops Impact Week is back! We kicked off with a hybrid Impact Week in India and already hosted two on-site events in Paraguay and Mozambique. But we are not done yet! Applications for our Impact Weeks in Kenya and Ghana are now open. What are you waiting for?

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