The concept grew mature and international.

In 2017, the Impact Week gathered momentum. With the first program in Colombia at Utadeo University, we gained a foothold in South America. In Rwanda we started an inspiring partnership with the SOS Children’s Village Technical High School in Kigali, and finally a Lufthansa team was able to conduct the first Impact Week in Lagos, Nigeria.

We were especially enthusiastic about the initiative of our Kenyan friends. Not only did they support the Impact Week in Rwanda as coaches, but also set up several independent Impact Weeks in Kenya and Uganda with their community - we couldn‘t have dreamed of a better impact and sustainability of the program!

Our steady growth was also evident in the administration of Impact Week. We started work on a new website, our brand identity took shape and we implemented a new visual appearance.

Each and every Impact Week has been a great success. The goal to facilitate meaningful and sustainable cooperation with students, educational institutions and business professionals within an

international context has proven to be a great aspiration with amazing results. Pitches presented at the end of the Impact Week were filled with ideas that were entirely developed by local participants.

This is crucial to sustainable ideation, because, as a participant from the University of Nairobi summarized, „nobody can design solutions for Africa except us“,

This year we venture out once more and hope to have a similarly meaningful impact. For 2019 there are many new locations in the pipeline. You can learn more about these in chapter „Outlook“.

Recap Stories of past Impact Weeks








  • Nairobi, Kenya


  • Nairobi, Kenya

*organised independently