How we work - our program approach

We believe that we all are our own experts in solving challenges in our daily life and for our future. Therefore, we bring together people with all kinds of background, transfer knowledge how to approach those challenges from a user centric perspective and how to use the skills lying in each and everyone of us to develop ideas for it.

  • Be exposed and explore with diverse multicultural and organizational groups the innovation methodology experience.
  • Learn deeply about design thinking and innovation coaching outside your comfort zone.
  • Practice the innovation mindset to foster user centric concepts.
  • Practice all key messages on what, why, when and how to apply the right innovation techniques.


  • Solve problems with a structured and creative approach.
  • Coach teams to reach alignment and increase engagement.
  • Get back to your business with the skills and the motivation to help your team members align, engage, and drive them to success.
  • Team-up with a multicultural set of coaches during the train-the-trainer session and together facilitate the Impact Week to develop new business ideas.

Our approach consists of several phases:

  • Firstly, our lead organizing team prepares the program with our local and international partners
  • Once in the respective location, we conduct the Impact Week, that consists of a two weeks program: the first week is a multiple day training to educate the new coaches, followed by our four day main program Impact Week.
  • Finally, we aim for sustainability in several fields of action: finding mentors and incubator programs for the workshop teams and their ideas, as well as enabling our local partners to organise future Impact Weeks independently.

Our phases to ensure success and sustainablity

Set up and prepare

  • Find local partner (university/NGO and incubator)
  • Build coaches team
  • Scoping workshop (on-site)
  • Fundraising

Conduct Impact Week

  • Train the Trainer program
  • Impact Week

Ensure sustainability

  • Incubation
  • Mentorship
  • Impact Week organised by local team
  • Ongoing coaching until Impact Weeks can be independently organized by local teams.