Our Design Thinking Training




Impact Week’s Design Thinking training is unlike any other. Prepare for a new experience that replaces boring traditional lectures with engaging hands-on training, filled with experimenting, and learning by doing.  Design Thinking with Impact Week is lived diversity, collaboration, and fun with peers from all over the globe! 

Impact Week Spirit




Our Impact Weeks are an energizing cocktail of post-its, brainstorming, fun team building activities, intense learning, and intercultural connections. This experience will inspire you to look at entrepreneurship and social innovation in a completely different light! 

The Training Content

The training consists of the six-phases of Design Thinking and concepts like “don’t fall in love with the prototype” will be a part of what you’ll learn. You'll gain key skills through Design Thinking, such as innovation, customer focus, and implementation orientation. Along with that, the training includes a lot of time for reflection, group learning, and learning by doing.


Upon completion of the program, you can call yourself „Junior Design Thinking Coach” and will have already applied the methodology. In short: You are ready to be a multiplier of the methodology in your professional and private life!