Design Thinking Impact Week Manila 2022: Unveiling the winning team's Journey

Greetings, Design Thinkers!

Today, we are thrilled to share an extraordinary experience that unfolded during our Design Thinking Impact Week, Manila 2022. Amongst the myriad of talented participants, one team stood out and conquered the challenges in a remarkable way.

In conversation with the Junior Coach of the winning team of Impact Week Mr. Anantharaj Nagaraj. 

How did your decision to embrace the new and uncharted track in the Impact Week Manila 2022 contribute to their transformative journey and eventual success?

The Impact Week began with an exciting point - the revealing of a brand-new track! We embraced the opportunity to explore uncharted territories with the theme of "Disaster Management." One of the most challenging aspects of the competition was the necessity to work with complete strangers. However, it fostered collaboration, empathy, and creative problem-solving among team members.

How did teamwork and collaboration contribute to the process of discovery and innovation? 

The first week was all about learning, soaking up knowledge, and gaining insights of the world of Design Thinking. We embraced the Pareto principle where 80% of the conversation involves active listening & 20% involves asking questions. Throughout the process, we learned that asking questions is a powerful tool in uncovering insights and unlocking innovative solutions. 

How did the transition from the learning phase to the execution phase lead to a transformative journey? 

Before the second week, we align with our tandem Junior Coach on our understanding of Design Thinking and create an action plan for the tasks of the following week, leaving less or no spaces for uncertainty. Roles and responsibilities were distributed, and we met our participants. The projects that emerged from the team showcased a diverse range of implementations, targeting various audiences and leaving a lasting impact. 

How has engaging in Design Thinking fostered personal growth and facilitated reflective practices for you as in individual? 

Engaging in Design Thinking has been a profound journey of personal growth and self-discovery for me. Beyond its problem-solving capabilities, the methodology has empowered me to effect positive changes in both my personal and professional life. Through Design Thinking, I gained valuable insights into enhancing my health practices and finding spiritual support. Moreover, I embraced the opportunity to learn new tools and skills, ensuring my continued relevance in the ever-evolving working environment. This transformative experience has not only enriched my problem-solving abilities but has also sparked a continuous process of self-reflection and growth.


What were the key learnings and takeaways from journey and how can these insights be applied to empower others facing similar challenges?

I am an introvert who had been working at a German company for over a decade and my fellow Junior Coach brought a wealth of work experience from a Senior-level position. The different demographics brought innovative ideas and approaches to the table. The collaboration allowed us to leverage the best of both worlds. In the end, our successful collaboration not only led to a successful outcome but also reinforced the idea that diversity is the key. 

What were the most memorable, happy moments experienced by during your Impact Week Manila 2022 journey, and how did these moments inspire lasting transformations in your life? 

Throughout the Impact Week, we witnessed countless moments of joy and inspiration. From exploring the vibrant city and its wonders to the enriching journey led by our very own Lead Coach Alexander Grots, learning came alive through experience. The event proved that Design Thinking is for everyone, from age 06 to 60 and beyond. I hope this experience can be a catalyst for positive change in our lives and our communities, and may it ignite a passion for innovation that knows no boundaries. 

Keep thinking, keep creating, and keep innovating!