We foster innovation, entrepreneurship,  and intercultural exchange through Design Thinking

Impact Week is a non-profit program that unites people from a variety of countries and organizations. It promotes innovation and entrepreneurship skill progression in developing and emerging economies as a foundation for sustainable growth by establishing sustainable business models using Design Thinking. It equips the next generation for employment, to become inspiring leaders – successful agripreneurs, entrepreneurs and game-changers, regardless of their field or level of expertise.

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Our Impact

44 Impact Weeks

15 countries on 4 continents

1300+ trained Junior Design Thinking Coaches

4100+ participating students

700+ ideas and business models for a better world

Our program approach

We consider ourselves as mentors, not as experts. That’s why we love bringing together people from all sorts of backgrounds who believe in finding innovative ways to solve the world’s problems.


To do so, we organize a 7-day event in different countries of the Global South, called the Impact Week. Our Impact Weeks consist of two parts: a 3-day Train-the-Coach workshop and a 4-day innovation challenge. 


Worth noting: Even though the program approach is designed in an equal manner to ensure sustainable success, rest assured that each Impact Week is an original experience in itself!

The Design Thinking process

„From the Impact Week , I first got hope that some of the most complex challenges that the world is facing now can still be tackled once we are willing to look at them from a new perspective, a more inclusive and user centric way.“
Patrick Ndikumana,

university student and local junior coach

Our program tracks

As diverse as the people and cultures we encounter are, as distinct are the challenges of each local community. In Colombia people with an entrepreneurial mindset are still tainted by social inequality and criminal activities, Rwanda is facing a growing economy while struggling with suitable infrastructure. To allow for a better perception and handling of the various regional problems, we’ve identified overarching topic areas and organized them into tracks.

Benefits and application

In times of unprecedented and fast change, companies have to constantly innovate in order to stay competitive.

Many companies may struggle to innovate due to complexity or because they lack a clear, systematic and inclusive approach to innovation. Here is where design thinking may present an approach that can be applied in any context where there is a humanrelated challenge. From marketing campaigns to the development of new or enhancement of existing products or services, or even the optimisation of internal processes.

Design thinking is practical, intuitive, dynamic, interactive, flexible, and overall human-centered. It combines everything an innovation process should include.

“The Impact Week for me is always a big learning opportunity, a challenging adventure and a lot of fun.”


Jochen Gürtler, SAP

Our Projects 2023

In 2023, Impact Week is taking place in more places than ever before! This year we are creating impact in 8 different countries all over the globe! While Impact Week Albania, Meghalaya, Paraguay, and Uganda have already inspired young minds, we are looking forward to unleashing the power of Design Thinking in Ghana, Jordan, and the Philippines.

Our Impact in 2023

8 Impact Weeks on 4 continents

 139 Solutions

 more than 63 amazing volunteers

 199 Trained local Junior Coaches

 37 nationalities

 863 Challenge Participants 

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Our Core Team

Impact Week and its community are growing rapidly. 

Therefore we organize our key topics into the following strategic initiatives:

  • Operations of Core,
  • Business Model & Value Proposition,
  • Communication & Branding,
  • Content & Quality of Products,
  • Community Management.

Donation account

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