Get involved

No Impact Week is possible without the help of motivated volunteers who are willing to donate their time and expertise in exchange for an intense intercultural exchange. If you are curious about joining an enthusiastic international community, meeting like-minded people, and embarking on a journey of personal development, you are in the right place! 


Volunteering at Impact Week can have many forms 

  • Organizer
    Turn the idea of realizing an Impact Week into reality! As an organizer you are holding the strings together, are the main point of contact with the local team, and you take care that everything is running smoothly.
  • Marketing & Communications
    Distribute Impact Week's mission and inspire people around the globe! 
  • Senior Design Thinking Coach
    Are you an experienced Design Thinker? As a Senior Coach you will utilize your skills for good! You will emerge into an intense intercultural experience, coach people from all over the world and enable positive change! 
  • Assist in smaller tasks
    At Impact Week there is always something to do! We are happy for every helping hand.

To participate please get in touch with us and leave us a message with a short description about yourself and the role that you would like to play. We are happy to get to know you!