2023 is bringing Impact Week to the vibrant capital of Uganda, the heart of East Africa: Kampala! While Boda Bodas, and Matoke might not sound familiar for you yet, this Impact Week will give you an unforgettable experience – along with creating impact and innovating on the country’s most pressing challenges!


What to expect in Kampala?

With our two-module approach, we will train a new batch of Junior Coaches by guiding them through a 3-day „Train-the-Coach“ phase. The international and local participants will then take their new roles as Design Thinking Coaches and work together with the students of Makerere University to find solutions for local challenges. This defines the „practical phase“ and will give the new Coaches the unique opportunity to directly implement what they have just learned while being guided by experienced Senior Coaches along the journey.


The innovative and customer-focused orientation of the Design Thinking methodology helps all participants to foster their way of tackling a challenge and the unique spirit of the Impact Week experience will definitely inspire you to look at entrepreneurship and social innovation in a completely different light.


You can find more information in the document below:


Sounds interesting?

Then apply to secure one of our limited spots on the international Junior Coach Team!

With completion of our program, you can call yourself „Design Thinking Coach“ and become a multiplier of the methodology in your professional and private life.


With the completion of our program, you can call yourself „Design Thinking Coach“ and become a multiplier of the methodology in your professional and private life.



Upon completion of the program, you will be a trained coach who has already applied the methodology. You'll gain key skills through Design Thinking, such as innovation, customer focus, and implementation orientation. In addition, Impact Week promotes local entrepreneurship and social innovation. We enable universities to apply Design Thinking themselves and run their own Impact Weeks.


Applications are now closed.


What are the focus areas for challenges?


Each participating team will work on one focus area. The students can choose their focus area in the application process and get matched accordingly. Then it is up to them to own the challenge and create an innovative idea to tackle it – always keeping the Design Thinking methodology at heart.

We will update the challenges once they are determined. 


Conditions for Participants

The participation fee for the Design Thinking training is €2,995


Not included in the price are travel costs to and from Kampala, visa, vaccinations and recreational activities.

Approach us if you are a smaller company or local company about the prize.




This Impact Week is scheduled in the Central European Time (UTC +2:00)



30 June

Registration Closes

05 August

Virtual kick-off meeting of all participants

21/22 August

Travel to Uganda

23 – 25 August

Train the Coach: Our Junior Coaches get a professional Design Thinking training

28 - 31 August

Impact Week Uganda – 4 days Design Thinking Challenge

31 August

Pitch day and closing ceremony of Impact Week Uganda 2023


Teams will receive details regarding exact timings of the event after registration confirmation & selection.


Impact Week and Covid-19

Impact Weeks 2023 will still be held during pandemic periods.
We have been working closely with the local university and have developed a comprehensive protection and hygiene concept.
We reserve the right to cancel the event on short notice depending on the COVID-19 situation in the host country.


Do you have further questions?


Contact the organizing team for Impact Week Uganda 2023:


Vanessa Quirini vanessa.quirini@impactweek.net Impact Week Lead Organizer
 Nadine Meichsner  nameichsner@gmail.com Lufthansa Lead Organizer


Statement LGBTQ+ rights


At Impact Week, we are deeply committed to creating positive change and empowering individuals to reach their full potential, regardless of their backgrounds or identities. Thereby, respect for human rights is a non-negotiable pillar of our work. We condemn every limitation or abuse thereof and are actively striving towards a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

When it comes to the destinations in which we work we aspire to empower communities that are most underserved, which also means that respect for human rights cannot be taken for granted. Our decision to operate in Uganda amidst the discrimination and prosecution of the LGBTQ+ community reflects our unwavering belief in the inherent dignity and worth of every human being. We remain committed to striving for a future where all individuals can live freely and authentically. This means as Impact Week we are clearly distancing ourselves from the LGBTQ+ laws of the Ugandan government, but we are seeking to be a catalyst for social change especially where not all parts of the population do possess the opportunity to live out their choices.

By organizing Impact Week in Uganda, we aim to create a platform for open conversations, knowledge sharing, and collaboration that transcends boundaries. Our goal is to foster an environment where diverse perspectives can be heard, respected, and understood.


To participate in Impact Week, participants need not disclose their sexual orientation. Everyone is welcome to join in on our programs. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, you should be aware of the local legislation and news. As Impact Week we will do whatever is in our power to protect members of the LGBTQ+ community who are part of Impact Week.