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In only a few days, Impact Week will be landing in Ghana for the first time — We can literally already hear the Kpanlogo Drums! The preparations are at full speed as the Lead Organizers, Senior and Junior Coaches get ready to embark in this journey.
We kicked off our Impact Week Nepal this weekend with a preparation weekend! Our organizers, senior coaches and international junior coaches met up to take part in some team-building activities, discuss the Impact Week and design thinking methodology, and learn about the Nepalese culture.

Team Ghana has kicked off the program 🥳 In our Design Thinking Bootcamp, we provide our Junior Coaches with a first awareness training of the creative approach and mindset. But we especially want to make sure that the team grows together and builds a good basis for the intercultural on-site experience. @ Restaurant Crasy Moose
Team Jordan is completed. 🤩 Today we met our Junior Coaches for the very first time in person. They are all Impact Week newbies and exactly like the organisation-team super motivated to start our Jordan adventure. Today is all about getting to know design thinking, getting to know all the roles, and of course getting to know each other!