All-Hands Meetup March 2020

It's good to know we stay connected! Around 50 participants from around the globe joined our annual community meetup on Saturday, March 14th. In light of the Corona crisis we got together online. Each participant took a seat around a campfire in virtual space. We shared our Impact Week highlights 2019, our hopes for the coming year and updated ourselves on current activities.

One of the highlights of our get-together was the official launch of our new website – a project designed and implemented by Christine Wenzel together with Wiebke Piekarowitz and Stina Kozok! What a great work – many thanks! 👏

Concerning all future planning, of course, our communities’ health has the utmost priority. It is difficult to predict when it will be possible again to do what we all love: Connecting people and cultures across the globe, working closely together to innovate and solve problems, dancing, clapping, hugging…

One thing is for sure: We will be ready and prepared! And are already looking forward to that moment.

Stay tuned for further updates on our newsblog!