Impact Week Nepal 2019: Tracks, Mentors and Challenges

Every Impact Week follows the same skeleton structure, but is still as unique as its participants are. However, with the Impact Week Nepal 2019 we have added another twist. Read on to find out more…

The Impact Week Nepal features six tracks: agriculture, mobility, health, education, arts & culture, and tourism. Each track, as all other Impact Weeks, has a senior coach who supports the local and international junior coach pairs to guide their teams through the design thinking process and come up with innovative and sustainable business ideas that solve issues in their local or wider community. However, what makes the the Impact Week Nepal extra special is the additional support of track mentors.

What are track mentors?

Our track mentors are local organisations that are relevant to a specific track. The track mentors have set the challenges for each track, they will support the teams throughout the Impact Weeks and help the best team(s) in their track turn their business idea into reality by supporting them with ongoing mentorship.

Who are the track mentors?

The mentors are as follows:

  • Agriculture track supported by Eco Himal Nepal 
  • Mobility track supported by Tootle
  • Health track supported by the Hospital for Advanced Medicine and Surgery
  • Education track supported by King’s College
  • Arts & Culture track supported by the Kathmandu City Planning
  • Commission Tourism track supported by the Nepal Tourism Board

What challenges have been set?

Each organisation spent an extensive amount of time formulating questions that address the most pressing challenges in Kathmandu or Nepal for their respective track. Each track has been provided with two to three challenges which the teams will try to address this week. Some sample challenges include:


How can we engage & attract the younger generation in the agriculture sector to mitigate youth out-migration and utilize barren land?


How can safety be improved for motorbike riders?


How can we improve the quality of air in Kathmandu Valley?


How can we make learning at Nepalese colleges/ universities more engaging for students?

Arts & Culture

How can we create more entrepreneurial opportunities in art, music and food?


How can we create authentic Nepali experience for tourists, which imprint the true story of Nepal?

We thank all of our track mentors for their engagement and look forward to working with them during the Impact Week Nepal 2019!